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  Trays & Containers

Every tray and its design was originally developed for a specific purpose and plant in mind. Over the years the technologies have changed and new ideas have unfolded from our industry, but many of the trays for sale today are of the old designs and have not kept up with the times. "ihort" has taken the best part of each segment of tray producers and incorporated them into one of the best growing systems available. This system uses and combines all this new knowledge to give to you the largest selection of modern trays available.

The products listed below are just a partial list of sizes and shapes we offer. Please contact us for a quotation on any special projects you may have.

The 78 cell tray comes with the options of a solid 78 tray, a double 26 strip, or a single 13 strip. All are Vacuum formed trays with their specialty root guides with an open bottom for root pruning.

Vacuum formed plastic trays Generally used one time and filled with EXcel-Plugs, while the Quick Pot trays are made extra strong and can be used over and over for many years.

Polystyrene EPS trays Used in the forestry industry for over 30 years.  Produced with ventilation holes in the top of the tray and root guides in each cell. Strong and re-usable for many years.

Injection Molded Plastic trays for the vegetable and the ornamental industries.

Vacuum formed Trays and The

Vacuum formed Trays and The IHort"patented" Ener-G Tray

Injection Molded

Injection Molded

These are sturdy, very efficient trays


EPS (expanded polystyrene) trays are used throughout the world. They work as an excellent insulator against extreme temperature variance. Used extensively in Canada in raising forestry tree seedlings. Work to keep the soil temperatures even in extreme heat or cold.
Ihort 98 cell tray with open bottom

Ihort 98 cell tray with open bottom

 Ihort's newest tray to fits our 45/45 Q Plugs and available to be filled in Excel Media  Injection molded hard plastic 13.5 " X 26.5"  

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