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  GroTiles for Living Roofs


GroTiles can be used to create a variety of living wall applications. From single unit frames hanging like art in your home, to larger commercial units used to create entire walls. 

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Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications; from sun annuals, to indoor foliage, to shade perennials, to succulents.

Plants love growing in GroTiles!!


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 We have partnered with Plantasy, GroTile design experts specializing in plant selection and combinations, and together, offer you both function AND form!

Let us work together to bring you the best of all worlds to satisfy yours and your customer's needs!

Sedum Gro Tile

Sedum Gro Tile

This is IHORT's newest Gro Tile designed for a Sedum Pad to be put on the top. All ready to go!

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