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Product #KQ20B55CTDSW * 7

Product #KQ20B55CTDSW * 7" dome and carrying tray*Use the 45/45 plug

Product #: KQ20B55CTDSW
Tray Size (in): 10" X 20"
Plug Dimensions: 45/45 Q-Plug
Case Weight: 20
Cases per Pallet: 20
Trays per Case: 1

Price: $0.00


This growing kit includes the options of having just the tray, the tray and carrying tray or the tray carrying tray and the growing dome as well. All shrink wrapped ready for use or sale. The plug size 45/45R  fits the hole size in the 4" plug & tray and can be combined with as a starting  hydroponic kit.

Refill Bags of 55 Q Plugs are available  B45/45-55 Refill
As with all of our growing Kits they are available as shown with domes or they can be specialty manufactured for your needs. 

You have the option of adding a carrying tray (CT), dome (D), with shrink wrapping (SW 

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Q Plug 45/45- 1200 per case