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78 Cell EXcel- Single Strips of 13 Cells

78 Cell EXcel- Single Strips of 13 Cells

Product #: X10TO78-13BX
Tray Size (in): 1 5/8 W x 20 L x 2 D
Tray Size (mm): 42 W x 508 L x 51 D
Plug Dimensions: 78 cells pertray 6 strips of 13-280 trays per pallet- 1600 lbs
Cell Plug Bag Count Per Tray : 78
Plugs/Cells per Case: 546
Case Weight: 24
Cases per Pallet: 40
Pallet Weight: 800 lbs
Trays per Case: 7

Price: $0.00

Only $0.000 /unit

Rooting and shipping in strips is relatively new. The strip concept gives the grower the opportunity to efficiently space the plantlets while growing and still put them close together for shipping.

The ener-G Strip was developed for Fischer USA. This Patented revolutionary tray design which will keep the roots from twisting, which in turn will enhance a faster growing plant.

Because of the increased performance and the way plants grow in the new ener-G Strip, they will adapt and outgrow plants grown in other trays. 

Special notes: (1) Trays consist of 6 strips of 13, pre-cut,  equaling one tray of 78 cells, and (2) Trays are only sold pre-filled with EXcel or QPlug Stabilized rooting media,