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QPlug Orchid 45/50- 1150 per case

QPlug Orchid 45/50- 1150 per case

Product #: Q40A126
Plug Dimensions: 1 3/4" Top x 2" Deep
Plugs/Cells per Case: 1150
Case Weight: 76 lbs
Cases per Pallet: 24
Pallet Weight: 1824 lbs
Cell Shape: SQ

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Only $0.000 /unit

This is our Orchid plug. Available with a slice for easy insertion of tissue culture. We use this in our 50 Square tray, or the 50 Round tray,.

We manufacture several different size plugs and trays with the slice. Growers have used our slices successfully for transferring deflasking and tissue culture since 1998. The slice was the very first specially designed plugs for use in tissue culture, select cuttings and orchards. Please call for particulars. Give us try. No seed hole