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Quick Wick Floating seed starter

Quick Wick Floating seed starter

Product #: K Quick Wick
Cell Plug Bag Count Per Tray : 18
Plugs/Cells per Case: 12
Cases per Pallet: 20

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Only $0.000 /unit

The Quick Wick seed starter is one of the greatest idea we ever had. Germinating your vegetable seeds with the float system will always work. A very bold statement, but if you have ever had a problem germinating vegetable seed try the new Quick Wick.

Simply fill the cups with the special Quick wick soil and add water. Wait approximately 30 minutes or until the soil has wicked up evenly into the pots and the sol is moist. Then add your seeds and keep water in the bottom tray  ( never top water) and watch you seeds grow.

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