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Q Plug® 18/40- 6500 per case

Q Plug® 18/40- 6500 per case

Product #: Q40J512
Plug Dimensions: 3/4 "Top x 1 1/2 Deep
Plugs/Cells per Case: 6500
Case Weight: 76
Cases per Pallet: 24
Pallet Weight: 1824 lbs
Cell Shape: Sq

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Only $0.000 /unit

This small plug is used for efficiency in the greenhouse. Also used in Hydroponics for the Grow Towers.

Start the cuttings small and then move them with the roots already branched and trained. Used for vegetables, Carnations, Tissue Culture, Mini Cuttings, Chrysanthemums, rootstock, and seedlings

Seed or Hole sizes 1/4" *