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Living Roof

Living Roof

Product #: Grow Tile Living Roof
Tray Size (in): 10" X 20"
Plug Dimensions: 1.4 cu ft
Cell Plug Bag Count Per Tray : 1
Case Weight: 800
Cases per Pallet: 1
Pallet Weight: 800
Trays per Case: 98
Units Per Pallet: 98

Price: $0.00


A carefully engineered stabilized growing media developed to hold its shape and moisture.

  • Can be used individually or combined to create live roofs of any size.
  • Protective layer reduces evaporation, helps extend the life of the tile, and adds additional LEED credits.
  • Holds 5.5 times their weight in water
  • The 10" x 20" GroTile was developed to fit nursery benches, racks, and boxes for an easy fit into any program! 


The Gro-Tile was designed for ease of handling and shipping and for flexibility to grow and change pads and plants  as desired. Each Gro Tile is 1.4 sq ft. 

The Gro Tiles can be  place directly on the roof in milder climates or in a plastic structure that will lock the Tiles in place.  The Gro tiles have a long term covering that will protect LEED points and the same time act as a water filter if used with gray water.


All boxes and frames are sold and priced separately

Prices are for the Growing Tiles Only