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Lettuce Raft 18

Lettuce Raft 18

Product #: Lettuce Raft 18 or 36

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The Sealed Surface Technology resists water penetration, ensures durability and longevity, and gives growers a cost-effective system. We offer rafts with two different cell densities; an 18 cell and a 28 cell raft., each one has its usages for different crops or for a faster turn over.


Specifications Lettuce Raft 18

Number of Cavities   

Plant Density              2.25 plants/ sq.ft

Overall Dimensions

  24 x 48 x 1 inches       

Cavity 8 in. centers


Our 30/50 Qplug or 25/40 Qplug fit the cavity of the raft perfectly. Maximize your production space and increase your number of turns by starting your plants in one of our trays, and transplanting into the raft system.