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1206 Six Pac

1206 Six Pac

Product #: KQ10MC6pac-CTSW 40/65
Tray Size (in): 10"X 20"
Tray Size (mm): 10" 20"
Plug Dimensions: 40/65
Plugs/Cells per Case: 144
Case Weight: 45
Cases per Pallet: 20
Pallet Weight: 1000
Trays per Case: 12
Cell Dimensions: 40/65
ea.: 72

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Only $0.000 /unit
This remarkable breakaway tray is perfect for planting all or just part of the tray. It’s easy to store and handle and gives you a deep plug for successful transplanting. The Six Pac is designed to give you the proper spacing for rooting and growing your young plants prior to transplanting.